Companion Denim Barcelona quality durability honesty respect for the environment


Companion Denim is a brand faithful to the values of quality, durability, honesty and respect for the environment.


Straight to the core of denim pureness, the denim itself, the jeans as we believe they should be.

The brand was born in 2013 in the heart of Sabadell, a town in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Sabadell city pioneered the Industrial Revolution in Catalonia in the textile sector and in half of the nineteenth century it became the most important wool city in Spain, being known by the name of “The Catalan Manchester”.

This textile heritage left the city a marked industrial character, still visible with its numerous factories and their pipe fireplaces all over the city.




Each pair of jeans is designed and handcrafted with the utmost attention to the confection and details, giving the inside the same importance as the outside.


All the Companion jeans are made with the finest selvedge denim coming from an accurate selection of qualities from the best mills in the world, be it Japan, USA or Italy.


Companion Denim raw selvedge denim handcrafted details
Companion Denim raw selvedge denim handcrafted the best sewing machines attention details

The jeans are artisanally crafted with a selection of the best sewing machines for making denim. We are using a mix of both modern and the classic vintage  machines which made the jeans of the old times.

Some of those machines are even 100 years old and make a beautiful and highly durable stitching. They are the essence of Companion Denim, the real heroes of this story.

Signature Details

We have developed some details and special features that have become our most recognizable signature details.

* The selvedge loop above left front pocket is meant to hang your keys at a higher point rather than at the bottom of the pocket, making it more comfortable and less likely to damage the pocket bags.

* The cotton tape inside the waistband will work as a hanger.


Companion Denim raw selvedge denim front pockets are reinforced
Companion Denim raw selvedge denim branded hardware chainstitched buttonholes
Companion Denim raw selvedge denim key hanger loop

* The front pockets are reinforced with a super soft and durable cotton tape that we buy from Italy exclusively for that purpose (on light to mid-heavy weight denims only).

* We like to bind the fly since it will provide extra durability, and because they look cool.

* We believe the jeans look great when the hems are chainstitched.


Our 2 stripes nerve embroidery on the back pockets represents the relation between oneself and his Companion, and it is done with a discontinued Spanish sewing machine from the 60 ́s

Companion Denim raw selvedge denim

Selvedge denim

Selvedge denim is made on narrow, and usually old looms, where a shuttle inserts the weft while self closing the end, hence the origin of the word self-edge.

We source our denim mainly from Japan, Usa and Italy, where we do a curated selection of the best materials available.

We look for the most durable denims and those that will have the nicest evolution through the years.

Raw denim

Raw denim is the denim that hasn ́t been treated in an industrial laundry to simulate a vintage/worn look.

While you might need a break-in period, specially if the denim is heavy or stiff, they will become your second skin after some time.

They will mold to your body shape, turning comfortable and the fit will certainly look greater than pre-washed jeans.

Raw jeans are the start of the journey, a blank canvas into which the wearer impresses his way of life, his daily routines, adventures or event accidents and happenings.

Companion Denim raw selvedge denim
Companion Denim raw selvedge denim custom jeans one- of-a-kind pair handcrafted

Custom jeans

Besides our collection jeans, we offer a custom jeans line. We have a pretty extensive denim library with an accurate selection of the finest selvedge denims.

The customer is available to configure his one- of-a-kind pair of jeans, a truly unique pair, meticulously handcrafted in our workshop by no more than two pairs of hands.


Companion Denim raw selvedge denim fades break-in period second skin

Faded jeans

Companion Denim shares the idea that the most sublime beauty lies in the nature of things, this is why we support the “least washing as possible” philosphy.

Not only because it is more sustainable but also because the fades and marks will become brighter and more evident. The jeans will only become more and more beautiful.

A well worn pair of jeans is a unique witness of your life, and they will surely become one of your best friends.


We believe the best fadings will come when you wash your jeans as little as possible. So, waiting 6-12 months until the first wash should bring some nice contrasted fades providing the jeans have been worn frequently.

However, we aren’t too dogmatic on this. If you need or feel like washing your jeans more often, then do it without regrets.


Raw jeans are grateful and they will give you their best possible face, no matter how you ́ve treated them.


If you ́re going to take them on the long “no wash” journey you should avoid wearing them in certain situations, i.e. a barbecue party, painting your room,.

Companion Denim raw selvedge denim care free repair