Vintage Carpenter Pant – Sleek Black

Dry Wax Cotton Canvas, Scotland. 100%co., sanforized.

  • Double layer front pannels for extra durability.
  • 8 pockets and hammer holder.
  • Chainstitch felled seams.
  • Shell stich fly.
  • 6 beltloops.
  • Chainstitched waistband.
  • Half-lined backpockets in chambray.
  • Round and pointy backpockets.
  • Chainstitch hemming.
  • Black painted vintage style buttons and rivets.
  • Cognac branded leather patch.
  • Made-to-order product. The production takes 2-4 weeks


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The Carpenter history

The origin of the Carpenter Pants comes from those who use them, carpenters! The model is supposed to have been designed a few centuries ago, but the style has remained largely the same.

Functional design

It comes with a number of pockets and loops to accommodate the hammer, screwdrivers and ther tools without compromising comfort and movement

Durable construction

The double-layer leg panels provide added durability in the most sensitive areas to abrasion when working with wood and heavy materials.
For the last decades the carpenter model has transcended the workwear environment and has conquered the streets, becoming a timeless design, a category itself.


Companion Denim Vintage Carpenter Pant – Sleek Black selvedge denim are cut, sewn and finished by our small team of master jeansmakers.
Our workshop is located in the heart of Sabadell, a town with a rich tradition in textiles production, in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.
We use a mix of both vintage and modern sewing machines that provide the highest quality and most reliable stitchings for jeans making.
Companion denim is built on the values of quality, durability, honesty and respect for the environment.


The principle is clear and easy “wear as much as possible, wash as little as possible”. The more you wear your jeans, the better they will look.
Following this principle and washing your jeans after 6-8 months of wear should already show some nice fadings and strong character.
Wash the jeans inside out with mild soap and in cold temperature (maximum 40ºC). No bleach, chlorine, or other chemicals.
Do not use tumble dryer, hang dry instead.