Jan 021CO Double Indigo

Japanese 14oz. Indigo warp and indigo weft, selvedge denim, 100%co., sanforized.

  • Hand felled seams.
  • Indigo sewing thread color throughout.
  • Selevedge sashiko indigo pocket lining with chambray lining for extra durability.
  • ·Lasso-drop stitch on front pockets.
  • Split waistband with indigo sashiko lining.
  • Sashiko lined backpockets.
  • Round and pointy backpockets.
  • Vintage style cinch back with YKK Japan buckle back with sashiko lining.
  • Single needle stitched beltloops.
  • Chainstitch hemming.
  • YKK laurel leaf raw copper buttons.
  • Natural leather backings on hardware.
  • . Natural leather branded leather patch.
  • Complimentary Indigo sashiko bandana with this style (while they last).
  • Made-to-order product. The production takes 2-4 weeks.


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The double indigo denim guarantees some beautifully contrasted fades not only on the outside but also through the indigo sashiko lining work.

An indigo sashiko bandana comes complimentary with this style!

Grab yours while they last.


A double indigo denim is a fabric that has been dyed in both the warp and the weft in indigo, contrary to a “standard” denim, where only the warp is indigo and you can clearly see it by spotting the white weft yarn throughout.

The denims produced by this technique come in a deep navy solid block in the raw state.

Our double indigo denim comes from Japanese mill Collect, using the Rope Dyeing method. A technique where the indigo repeatedly dyes the surface of the fibers, leaving the core in white.

The denim is woven on vintage Japanese shuttle looms, at low speed yet creating a beautiful selvedge weave, full of craftmanship and authentic character.


The dark navy color of the denim is just a starting point and it will fade to multiple shades of blue and up to white through time and wears.

Due to its nature, the double indigo denims are known for creating highly contrasted fades.

The jeans that have been used on regular basis for months clearly show all the repertoire of fading effects: highs and lows, whiskers, knee honeycombs, chainstitch roping, marked selvedge on outseams,…

The denim will be revealing all its beauty day by day in a never ending evolution. The jeans will only look better and better through time.

Use your jeans as much as possible before the first wash, ideally 6-12 months, in order to get a powerful look. Or, wash them regularly for softer and less contrasted fades.

This Companion Denim Jan 021CO raw selvedge denim comes in our Taper Jan cut.

This fit is suitable for all body types, and is specially indicated for tall guys and full thighs. The fit has a mid-high rise, comfortable top block, and slightly tapered leg. It can be worn high on waist or lower for a more relaxed fit.


Companion Denim Jan “Double Indigo” raw selvedge denim are cut, sewn and finished by our small team of master jeansmakers.
Our workshop is located in the heart of Sabadell, a town with a rich tradition in textiles production, in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.
We use a mix of both vintage and modern sewing machines that provide the highest quality and most reliable stitchings for jeans making.
Companion denim is built on the values of quality, durability, honesty and respect for the environment.


The principle is clear and easy “wear as much as possible, wash as little as possible”. The more you wear your jeans, the better they will look.
Following this principle and washing your jeans after 6-8 months of wear should already show some nice fadings and strong character.
Wash the jeans inside out with mild soap and in cold temperature (maximum 40ºC). No bleach, chlorine, or other chemicals.
Do not use tumble dryer, hang dry instead.