Custom Jacket Nevada 17112020

.MEASURES:Replica from customer´s reference jacket, reduce back in 2cm as per photo attached.
.Denim: D82, slubby brown, Soak before cutting
.Thread color: Natural white
“Detail DT29 upside down and larger to look well on the back of the jacket”
Replace front pockets with DT35 rounded pockets with double drop nerve embroidery and L05 khaki duck canvas lining, no flaps, no leather triangles.
.BW07 Vintage steel buttons with leather backings in natural
.P02 patch, heavy natural leather
.The Nevada jacket comes with some contrast canvas inside collar, cuffs and flap pockets. Use no contrast at all. All contrasting pieces from original design to be made in the same denim.
.The Nevada hacket has some round bartacks on the front placket which were made in a batch and we are not able to do that now, —– Replace it for BR07


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