Custom 15032017-01

FIT: Taper Jan, waist size 34 with the following  measure adjustments (in inches):

.Waist: 36.5

.Front Rise: 10.75

.Back Rise: 15.75

.Hip: 21.25

.Thigh: 14.5

.Knee: around 9”

.Leg Opening: 7.5

.Inseam: 32


1st pair

.Denim: D12 +345€

.Thread Color: Tobacco Brown – T11

.Lining: (same as DT13)

.Details: D29 +25€, DT13 +45€, DT8, DT11 +25€, DT19, Rounded backpockets with double drop “nerve” embroidery.

.Hardware: Raw Copper

.Leather Patch: Cognac – P05

TOTAL: 440€


2nd pair

.Denim: D35 +235€

.Thread Color: Tobacco Brown – T11

.Lining: L04 +10€

.Details: DT11 +25€, DT29 +35€, “Vintage” front pockets with triangle leather reinforcements +30€. For the pockets on the brown denim I trust you. Please create a vintage American western look.
For the leather accents a brown vintage leather like a cracked leather look is possible.

Backpockets with contrast brown fabric with leather triangles +30€

.Hardware: Antique Copper.

.Leather Patch: Cognac – P05

TOTAL: 365€


3rd pair

.Denim: D52 +295€

.Lining: L02

.Thread Color: Tan – T03

.Details: DT11 +25€, D29 +35€

.Hardware: Antique Copper

.Leather Patch: Tan – P04

TOTAL: 355€



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