The Raw Bible

The Raw Bible. Go for your dream.

raw denim bible quality goodsA RAw Bible is a manifesto for quality,  passion and craftsmanship. Published in Germany this book united 101 raw brands based on a manufacturing tradition all over the world. 101 unique stories will lead you in a world of true standards, raw goods made to last and inspire.

Moreover, the Raw Bible team share one unconditional love – love for authenticity. People like being a part of an authentic brand because they aren’t just buying into a logo. But also buying into a set of values. The book is divided into four chapters: Raw dressing, moving, exploring and home. Each chapter is filled with products that will help you to identify yourself and find your own passion, because the difference between who you’re and who you want to be is what you do.


The Raw Bible is very versatile and it doesn’t cease to amuse you as you have a choice to go for the design which is close to your soul and heart. It gives readers the desire to try, smell, feel the goods. It also encourages them to find their very special store as it’s accompanied by a digital store finder. No matter how old you’re  it’ll come in handy on your quest to the Raw. This book is dedicated to all those who devote their lives to the job they do in order to create a timeless product keeping in mind that brand’s quality is a reflection of its heritage.

Companion denim is honored to be one of the ambassadors of the Raw Bible and stay in line with such amazing folks. We appreciate being a part of this story, as it allows us to show the world our passion for the things we create and craft. Companion does believe that love can be handmade and last forever.

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P.S. Companion denim – faithful ambassadors of raw values.

raw denim bible quality goods     raw denim bible quality goods