Denim books that make a difference (Part I)

Denim is a fabric that almost everyone will find in their closet. It is also one of the few fabrics that becomes more beautiful with age. And needless to say it can be called the fabric of the 21st century. Lots of books were written by denim heads and enthusiasts to make a research on denim journey around the world. Some people even have a denim library where they collect the most inspiring and noteworthy denim reads. In this article we´ll bring out the pages of our own denim collection to look deeper inside the denim world. So let´s get started!

DENIM DUDES (by Amy Leverton). The book takes us on a street tour to three different parts of the world: America, Europe and Japan and Australia. It´s a combination of work mostly done on the road: on planes, in hotels and waiting at departure lounges. We meet people from all over the world telling us their own denim stories, inspiring us by their own examples of self-dedication and life experience. The book is full of illustrations and photos of either denim pieces or people behind them. Each page is a new story, a new life with that touch of denim obsession and spirit that makes us lose track of time while wandering through pages


BOOK OF DENIM (by Amsterdam Publishing INT.) The Book of Denim is an ode to, as well as an exploration of, the world of manufacturing. It is an attempt to share the beauty of the denim business-to-business world. This book is a side project of Amsterdam based men´s style magazine CODE and it features stunning photography of tiny places of the world where people do know how to work with denim. The Book of Denim opens up the ancient secrets of denim production and craftsmanship, it also takes a look at the weaving machinery and explores the motorcycle denim that outperforms anything currently available. People on the pages of this book do what they love and are driven by passion.


RAW BIBLE (by Melville Brand Design). We´ve already mentioned the Raw Bible in the very first article of our Journal. Raw Bible is a manifesto for quality,  passion and craftsmanship. Published in Germany this book united 101 raw brands based on a manufacturing tradition all over the world. 101 unique stories will lead you in a world of true standards, raw goods made to last and inspire. But something that differentiates this book from the other ones is that it is accompanied by an online store finder which makes it even easier to find out more about the brand you love or the one that you´ve just come across while flipping the pages.