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1.How to measure waist by Companion Denim. Stretch the waist flat and align the front and the back of the waistband, measure straight on the bottom and multiply it by 2.

2.Front rise. Lay the crotch area flat and straight, and measure from the top of the waistband to the inseam.

3. Back rise. Place the tape on top of the back waistband and measure across by pulling the front crotch area to get a straight back rise from end to end.

4.Hip. Measure the hip at 6 inches / 15cm. from the top front waistband.

5.Inseam. Place the measuring tape at the center of the crotch and measure down to the very edge of the hem by following the inseam.

6.Total length. Measure straight from top of the waistband to the edge of the hem.

7.How to measure top thigh. Lay the jeans and fold one leg up. Stretch and flatten the jeans, and measure straight from side to side of the leg as shown on the photo.

8.Knee. Measure the width of the leg at 12.5 inches / 32cm from the center of the crotch, right where the four pannels meet.

9.Leg Opening. Lay the opening as flat and stretched as possible and measure it from side to side.

1.Front length

2. Shoulder

3. Chest

4. Waist

5. Sleeve

6. Back

1.Front length

2. Shoulder

3. Chest

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